Presenting The Problem

  • Gray market of secondary wholesalers, traders, and resellers is a problem of 0.5 trillion/year.
  • Light governance of products chains and corruption in different sectors and markets.
  • Falsification in Food & Beverage create risks for the health.
  • Increase of crime, tax income reduction, delocalization.
  • Consumer are not empowered to verify the products.

Blockchain + NFC


Final Customers

Can verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the NFC product chip with our app.

Supply Chain

Enable track-and-trace of goods, end to end from brand till customer. Seamless integration with local ERP and RFID via API. Predefined dashboards with standard KPIs to monitor the performance of the chain.

The manufacturer can access new information on sales, to improve its reporting and increase customer satisfaction. The distributor can monitor, forecast and check sales phenomena, predicting purchasing trends. The end-user can verify the authenticity of a purchased product and receive useful information such as manual or promotional messages.

Main Key Values

Our Value Proposition


Cost Value

Product authenticity
Supply chain transparency
Reserved auctions
Certificate secondary market

Experience Value

Empowered customer
Reliable transaction
Direct access to the Brand

Platform Value

Access to Digital Marketplace
Create and access communities
Rateservices and products


Cost Value

Forecast and Inventory
Compilance and security

Preserve brand image
Direct access to consumer

Experience Value

Understanding of customer
Customized service
Value across multiple functions

Platform Value

Enable digital trasformation
Extend services to other domains
Attract new customers – network effect


Our Market Section

Food & Beverage

30% of F&B goods are counterfeit, this is a $46 billion a year problem. Out of the fact that counterfaits F&B products are a health risk.


60% of pharma drugs are counterfeit, this is a $188 billion a year problem and even worster it’s a real Health problem.

Luxury Products

25% of luxury goods products are counterfeit, this is also a $23 billion a year issue. We will provide quality assurance for all parties and aftersales.

Simplicity is the key

Product explaining their histories

AKPOLIS is more than an anticounterfighting solution, it allow you to access the full and immutable story of a product to discover its real path throughout all supply chain processes.

The blockchain connects all the information of the value chain, it crystalizes it and made it available to any user equipped with smartphone and NFC reader.

Through AKPOLIS’s platform all documents, photos, videos and other details related to the product are immediately available.

Main Advantages

Major Advantages of Akpolis

Secure Solution

Akpolis network using blockchain- and NFC-technology is tamper proof. Other
technologies like QR-codes or holograms will eventually be copied.


The combination of NFC chips with the blockchain network allows AKPOLIS to give also crypto financial incentives and scalability to the consumer that is even more interested in scanning product originality.

Easy authentication

One tap with a smartphone is all it takes to verify the authenticity of a product. A very easy, fast, and safe way to authenticate.

The Akpolis APP

Verify your products before buying them

We created a convenient app for shoppers to verify products before buying. In the future, brands and shoppers can come to our online marketplace to shop for AKPOLIS verified products.

Shop with confidence

  • Easy to use interface with clear prompt whether the product is counterfeit or authentic
  • Access to data about the product such as guarantees, product reviews and promotions
  • Users will have access to authentic products in the Secondary Marketplace

How it works?

  • Install the AKPOLIS App
  • Wave your phone in front of any product
  • AKPOLIS will let you know if this product is authentic and will also share additional information about the product

Secondary Market

With AKPOLIS our consumer can scan products and earn by participating at our network subscription. We are also offering thanks our brand selling marketplace special prices and incentives. Also, by using our ecosystem people and brand can handle and check also reselling and secondary market.

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